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Rocvent Inc. is a major manufacturer of all types of Mine/Tunnel Ventilation Tubing/Ducting with over 25 years of service to customers world wide . Additionally we offer a full line of Fans from Main Fans to Secondary Fans , Fan Silencers and all related accessories.

Our Tubing/Ducting is designed especially for the, hostile Mining/Tunneling environment using advanced radio frequency welding equipment, Diameters from 1’ to 10’ (0.3 m to 3.0 m) and lengths up to 330 ‘(100 meters). Using multi ply materials that enable us to maintain our lead as an innovator in the industry.Our SNAP-ROC coupling system.Our customers considered the SNAP-ROC system the best in the industry.

Rocvent can provide both the design and construction of virtually anything that can be made from PVC coated woven materials. This material is air and waterproof, chemical and fire resistance, and UV protected from sunlight degradation. We currently offer our in house engineered Inflatable Headcover, for (overhead protection in mining); oil booms (containment systems for spills); self-supporting portable tanks (for fluids): and inflatable bulkheads for fire/smoke control.

Our experience in high pressure inflatable cells enable us to find inovative new products for the industry.

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