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Inflatable Headcovers

The bulkhead forms around obstructions such as raise bore rods to provide protection from falling material, while servicing the cutters on a raise bore head at the raise base. Units are also used as headcovers in bins during chute repair operations.

This design is now in its 3rd generation and includes several major improvements.


            <p>Units are designed for specific hole diameters ranging from  4&#8217; up to 30&#8217;.</p>

Considerations for Bulkhead Repair

Care and attention must be exercised when installing or removing the inflatable bulkhead. We recommend that the installation and removal procedures attached to that product be followed faithfully in order to minimize the potential for damage to the cells. If, however you do damage the bulkhead we offer an inspection and repair service for this item.

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Inflatable Head Cover Installation Instructions